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T I M E   C A P S U L E

        At the far end of Brooklyn there is a beach where I sometimes go to fish. One day, hearing what sounded like wind chimes, I walked around a bend in the beach to find thousands of shards of broken china and glass washing in with the rhythm of the gentle waves. Mixed in with the shards were everyday objects – rusted, worn & broken from a time past. Wind-up alarm clocks, irons, dinnerware, children’s toys, and leather shoes. From the late 1800’s to the 1950’s, New York City used the area as a place to bury it’s refuse and over the years the wind, rain and high tides have uncovered this time capsule of the day-to-day objects of men, women and children. These beautifully altered objects evoke images of people 60 years ago working and playing, eating and drinking, dressing up and simply putting on their shoes and walking to work or school.